Monkey Symphony no.1 (8' 08")


A Monkey Symphony in 4 movements. As symphonies go, this one doesn't. An ambitiously worthless piece of music. Price £1.10.

Movement 1 : Chimpocalypse with b flat (3'21") - An attempt to show, using tasteful computer simulations, that classical composers, notably Ludwig 'The Boss' Beethoven and Wolfgang 'Bugsy' Mozart, got all of their best ideas from monkeys, in order to prove the funny theory that we share 98% of our musical homosomes with monkeys' musical chimposomes. As any fule kno, it's 0%. Understandably, the monkeys get angry and try to destroy the evidence. Carnage and hijinks ensue, and the whole project fails miserably.

Movement 2 : A Celebration of Rock (2'16") - Conducted with a massive baton, as used for the famous 'The Eggs Escape to Australia' theme tune. Fasten your seatbelts folks. This 'aint no classical music!

Movement 3 : Chimps in Love (1'08") - A tender coming of age tale. Mr. Bristow the chimp finds love in a most unlikely place : the London Planetarium. Everything goes swimmingly until he realises it's not true textbook love, whereupon he smashes himself in the face, becomes all sad, and seeks solace in some unusual brain therapy. In next week's thrilling episode he tries Madame Tussauds instead. Great idea, Mr. Bristow.  

Movement 4 : Epilogue / Frenzy (1'23") - Don't know how this got in here. It's stupid.

The preview is from Movement 1. Didn't include any previews from the other movements, as they're not very good.


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Created: Mon, 29/08/2011 - 17:26
Track length: 8' 08"
Price: £0.89