Millytrot (5' 16")


We have a very large black hairy heavy dog, called Milly. It's not a big enough name. She's a Newfoundland, and loves getting into mischief and water. When she was quite a small puppy, she sometimes seemed to trot along primly, like a horse doing dressage at a show, front legs raised high, knees threatening anything in her path. She can't move like that now - she's as heavy as some of us, and far too impetuous to perform anything as dainty as a trot. This one's for her. It starts out simply, as you can hear in the preview, and it carries on simply, although more synths and percussion are introduced later. 


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Created: Sat, 17/05/2008 - 12:34
Track length: 5' 16"
Price: £0.89