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My very new and very silly book, 'Healing Elephant Jokes', is now available on Kindle here.

"Three Little Words," my previous book, is already available on Kindle here.


My first album is also available.

It's an mp3 album of electronic piano music called "imaginary folk tunes", consisting of 35 tracks and well over 90 minutes of music.

Available from cdbaby and iTunes and amazon.

Album Cover  

Here's a bit more about the album. 

Hope you enjoy it.


Please Note : I've recently noticed that the clips of my tracks on this site don't always appear to actually play properly - I'll resolve this as soon as I can. In the meantime you'll need to imagine what the tracks sound like. Good luck with that!

There is various sorts of music here.

If you like jazzy pieces, you could try 'Amnesia' as a starter. 'Amnesia' features a keyboard solo by Simon Barnett (who also plays on 'Don't Ask'), and a flute solo.

For classical, 'Forgotten Requiem', an extended piece for strings, might be a good intro.

And for great vocals, listen to Ann Bailey on 'Someday'.

If you want something a little bit silly in the head, try 'The Song's the Same'.

Latest track is 'Loose Chippings'


Cheers, Neil.