"imaginary folk tunes"


A collection of electronic piano pieces in thirty five different shapes and sizes. Glimpses into an imaginary life. By turns pulsatingly rhythmic, calm, simple, rousing and dramatic. Hopefully always evocative.


Though not drawing musically on Bartok's works, this album was sort of inspired by "For Children" and by his various folk dances, which somehow made me think of coming up with a collection of pieces where I didn't need to worry about any rules - the pieces could be very brief or quite long, simple or layered, and they didn't have to have any consistency stylistically. The only rule was: Piano.


For me the music is full of a yearning for something I'd like to see more of - a time or a place where people share their day to day lives together. Where their music comes out of their closely shared lives. And where community is never far away. I hope you enjoy these pieces: the lyrical, the wistful and the tender, the rousing and the joyful.


All of the music was composed for this album, except for the "Elsa's Little Girl ..." pieces, where I adapted three out of four of my "Little Girl Nocturnes" from a while ago, discarding "Elsa's Little Girl Dreams", which didn't seem to sit well with the rest of the album. If I had to pick some favourite tracks, they'd probably include "A Feast Round the Fire", "Love" and "No School Today", which was an afterthought which has really grown on me. And I particularly enjoyed working on the extended pieces like "Sally", "Hunting Trip" and "Carnival and Fair". I like the feeling of being immersed in a little musical journey, and not knowing quite how it will end. However, as I don't have to pick any favourite tracks, I won't.


This album is for my wife and children: Elizabeth, Joseph, Helen and Amy.