I live in England, where I produce my music.

I've always been into music, in the sense that I've always been passionate about one area of music or another. Whether it was the Beatles, film music by Lalo Schifrin or Vaughan Williams symphonies, there's always been something which has worked its magic for me. But as far as creating it has been concerned, this has happened in a much more on/off sort of way. Back in the seventies I played flute and harmonica in a jazz / rock group called Spine. I did write a handful of pieces for the group, and we did really enjoy playing for a few years, but we all went our separate ways, and never went beyond playing a few gigs in the London area.

After that I did nothing actively for a while, until my wife got an old piano renovated. And that was it. I started coming up with pieces for piano. Lots of them. At one point I was practising over 30 pieces every month. I had to practice them, as that was the only way I had of remembering them - one of the disadvantages of not being musically trained.

After a few years of this I met up with a guy called Steve Jones, who ran a local recording studio, and I began to see how much could be done with a keyboard and a computer. It was amazing. Now I could record my piano pieces onto the PC. And now I could start coming up with pieces for something other than solo piano. And so I have been, for about 25 years now.

Until just a few years ago, everything I did was instrumental. I have now done a few songs, all of which I sing myself, except for 'Someday'. I hope to do more with Ann Bailey, and in fact I am looking to collaborate more with other vocalists and instrumentalists generally. So if you're interested in singing or playing solos on the sorts of music you find here, why not get in touch, and perhaps send me a link to where I can listen to some of your singing / playing. 

Hopefully you'll find something in all of this stuff which you'll enjoy. Or even really enjoy. A lot even.

All the best, Neil.